Refresh your mind and body with comfortable accommodation, spa and relaxation treatment.

Green Plaza Shinjuku is just 5 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku station, which is the most exciting area in Tokyo. It is a complex of bathhouses, restaurants and healing services.
We provide capsule hotel, a typical Japanese individual accommodation with artificial thermal bath, sauna, relaxation treatment such as massage, and also restaurant with a large range of menus.
Please select Green Plaza Shinjuku for business, tourism, stay in Shinjuku and relaxation.

  • Good location, just 5 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku station.
  • Feel Japan with our bathhouse!
  • Gender-segregated floor.
  • 24-hour massage relaxation treatment
  • Full range of amenity goods is available, “  Just bring yourself! ”
  • Great range of menus in the restaurants.



Hours check in 15:00 - check out 10:00 Address 160-0021 1-29-2, kabukichyo, Shinjuku-ku, tokyo TEL +81-3-3207-5411 FAX +81-3-3207-5417 Access 5 minutes walk from JR line Shinjuku station right in front of SeibuShinjuku station.

Capsule hotel and sauna for men only

Capsule hotel is a typical Japanese individual accommodation. We offer you a comfortable stay with capsule type beds. Since we fulfill convenient facilities, such as bathhouses with outdoor bath, saunas and restaurants, it is suitable for your base of staying and relaxation.

  • Capsule hotel
  • Artificial thermal bath and sauna
  • To the front page for men

Accommodation and Le Luck Spa for women only

“Le Luck Spa” at Green Plaza Shinjuku is a women-only accommodation focused on relaxation.
Foreign ladies are welcomed without any stress. We offer a full range of amenity goods for ladies.

  • Spa and sauna
  • Bedroom of individual accommodation
  • To the front page for women


  • No one under 18 is allowed even accompanies by adults.
  • Anyone with tattoos, big or small, are absolutely rejected for our cultural reason.
  • You are welcome to stay consecutive nights, but you will have to check out every day, and physi cally go out of the building during the day (No particular capsules=tubes are saved nor secured during daytime).
    We keep your baggages at the front desk.