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    What’s Capsule hotel & Sauna?

    Capsule hotel is a typical Japanese individual accommodation. We offer you a comfortable stay with capsule type beds. Since we fulfill convenient facilities, such as bathhouses with outdoor bath, saunas and restaurants, it is suitable for your base of staying and relaxation.

    Capsule room

    The biggest capsule hotel in Japan with 630 rooms.

    Capsule rooms are fulfilled with plenty of facilities!!
    LCTV and electric outlets is fitted and as standard equipment to all rooms. Also, Wi-Fi network offers them comfortable network environment. Upgraded capsules fitted with comfortable bedding and a pre-paid card for pay-on-demand video.

    Capsule room

    ※You can sleep in your personal “Capsule”, 190cm(6‘ 3“) depth by 100cm(3‘ 4“) width and 90cm(3’0”) heights each.

    ※We do not have space to hold your belongings in the room or capsule, please use your personal locker in the locker room.
    In case the locker is not big enough for your baggage(s), please ask the front desk to keep it.
    (We cannot take responsibility for precision apparatus, valuables for their troubles and/or damages.)

    Bathhouses and saunas

    The most favorite and unique bathhouses in Shinjuku with 7 different types!

    The wide diversity of outdoor baths,
    big baths and saunas makes you feel like nothing in Shinjuku.

    • Big baths Yunohana

      Calcium carbonate, sinter from Futamata Hot Springs
      Big baths with artificial thermal water.

    • Rock salt sauna

      Rock salt bath with emitting negative ion.

    • Loyly sauna

      Loyly sauna highly-praised on the tv.

    • Outdoor bath

      Outdoor bath in Japanese style with night view of Shinjuku.

    • Jacuzzi bath

      Japanese warm jacuzzi bath of 30℃ makes you feel refresh in summer!

    • Water bath

      Water bath accelerates metabolism, when taking saunas by turns!

    •  Mist sauna

      Mist sauna is for you, if you are allergic to dry sauna!


    Enjoy the best combination of sauna and beer at the restaurants

    We offer a wide range of ideal drinks after taking baths and saunas, such as various Japanese beers and many kinds of Japanese sakes.

    The restaurants serve in total 100 specialties, from light snacks to set menus of sashimi or hamburger steaks.



    Massage and rug treatment

    Get rid of fatigue before the day is over!Rich selection of relaxation treatment can be fit to your moods.

    Green Plaza Shinjuku offers you many kinds of relaxation treatments.
    Specialists of each treatment are ready to restore you.

    • Full-body massage

      Full-body massage,
      which is the treatment of choice for getting rid of fatigue!

    • Chinese health method of  foot sole

      Chinese health method of foot sole,
      which promotes natural healing force!

    • Korean rug

      Korean rug, which is the treatment of choice for improving metabolism!

    • The SALON

      “The SALON”, a beauty salon for men, too.

    Big napping room and relaxing room

    “Big napping room” that holds 200 people

    Big napping room that holds around 150 people. It is available also for guests bathing only.

    Big napping room

    Comfortable“Relaxing room”

    It holds around 50 people for napping.
    A comfortable space is created with a superjumbo Plasma TV of 65 inches.

    Relaxing room

    Other services

    Full range of amenity goods allows you, “ Just bring yourself!”Laundry service is also available at business corner.Please feel at ease even in case of an immediate travel.

    •  Business corner

       Business corner

    •  Laundry service

       Laundry service

      Laundry service, finishing in 4 ours at earliest.

    • Kiosk


      Kiosk offering convenient goods in large quantity.

    •  Tanning machine

       Tanning machine

      Tanning machine “Solartone”.

    • amenity goods

      amenity goods

      Full range of amenity goods.

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